Arondizuogu Festival – Ikeji Annual Tradition – Amazing History About Ikeji Of Igbo People Culture

Arondizuogu Festival – Ikeji Annual Tradition – Amazing History About Ikeji Of Igbo People Culture –Great things about Africans is that’s everything about them is natural. There is no how you would go to any particular place in Africans without seeing a need to know about the people of this origin. Alot of history or traditions has been revolving across the map of Africans society and this got the modern era thinking to the olden days of our forefather’s. Nigeria at large has scaled up with lot of history, traditions bounding them together. The Nigerian society is made up different enthics and so much more, the Igbos, Yoruba Nation’s, and Hausa, Fulani other conjoined tribes across the Sahel.

The Igbos are tend to have a lot of history based on traditions, there traditions has been attracting alot of tourist with the region of there Cultural heritage’s. The Igbo have a lot of languages in common, same food, same gods of the land and equally celebrate same and variety of festivals that’s mark up the land.

Historical Moment of Arondizuogu of Arochukuwu of Abia State

The Arondizuogu is one of the favourites people or probably clan of Arochukwu of the Igbo People tribes, found in Abia State that’s is located in the South East geopolitical zones of the Federal republic of Nigeria. Abia State was created from old imo in 1991 with the capital umahia. The state is made up of seventeen local government which are Aba-North, Aba-south, Arochukwu, Bende, Ikwuano, Isala-Ngwa north, Isiala-Ngwa South, Isikwanto and so much more of them.

The Arondizuogu clan that’s comes out of Arochukwu tends to have a certain festivals annually of for a certain celebration. The Ikeji festival is an eight days festivals celebration that’s is held in Arondizuogu of Arochukuwu of the Igbo nation. Concisely the ikeji festival has been passed from there forefather’s to the offsprings from generations to generations of the Arochukuwu people of arondizuogu.

Arochukuwu Festival Traditions

The festival is done annually where everyone share same smiles and same food items. Everyone is expected to be at home during this moment. The celebration is for the aroh of the descent from both home and abroad. They are said to celebrate with palm wine , Kola Nut, and yam thanking the gods of there forefather’s for another greatful life give to them to go this far.

Arochukuwu Festival celebration

On this moment, this celebration is practiced with a gathering of occurance, set to perform at the festival ground. The festival usually begin on the first day of eke and end in eight days of the celebration. The environment of the celebration is basically filled with people, masquerade and people who play drums, elders and children, adults

The first four days of the celebration, is named, eke, orie, afor and nkwo days are named after the natives markets days of the Igbo People nation’s cultural traditions. Meanwhile on the eke market day, everyone is said to be in the market and buy and stock up their respective homes in the preparation for the festival celebration. Meanwhile the equipment needed for the items are yam, Kola, palm wine, goat, and so much more of it. All this things are said to be purchased during eke market day before afor and nkwo days respectively

During the celebration days, high number of people are said to be at the awarenesses of the Ikeji festival which is made to be performed with the performance of pericoma masquerade, the masquerade are said to be known for its acrobatics dancing. The hub has made high number of people across from all path of the world to make this area there target destination for commercial bus, this has helped in elevating the trade, livestock and also generating huge number of revenue.

Would you like to visit this year festivals at Arochukuwu in Abia State? We welcome you personally to come and be an eye witness to this amazing opportunity to Igbo culture.

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