Oba Orompoto Alaafin of Oyo – The First Female Alaafin of Oyo – History of Untold story

Oba Orompoto Alaafin of Oyo – The First Female Alaafin of Oyo – History of Untold story –Honestly, the Odua nation is blessed with numorus tradition and history. The tradition of Yoruba land dated back in the oldest tribes to the present time. The people of Odua nation shares some strong belief together. One of this belief is the Alaafin, the first Oba Orompoto of Oyo State.

It’s all began when the Alaafin Ajiun Orompotoniyun was known as the first and last female of Alaafin of Oyo. She’s knows as the only truthful and honest person during his reign. The Alaafin of Oyo is one of the best female who went on to achieve many things in the land. Making her the best Alaafin of Oyo State.

It’s noted that Oba Orompoto was the Seventh Alaafin of the Oyo nation. History proved that’s she’s was the sisters of the her predecessor, Eugugoju. She’s took over to the throne as there is no male heir to take over the throne in the royal family within that’s moment.

Oba Orompoto Alaafin of Oyo Reign

Tradition says she’s was an amazing and outstanding great warrior, during her time, all the male within her is so afraid to challenge her. On her period she went on to attack and conquer the people of Nupe to ensure Oyo will never be subdued to anyone. She’s reigned from 1554 to 1562.

On the time of her coronation, the Oyomesi were in charge of crowning a new Alaafin. The Oyomesi made its known that’s female will never be a ruler as it’s forbidden in the land.

Meanwhile, for this she’s was allowed or given a time of seven days maximum to showcase she’s a man in other to take over the throne. After some days Orompoto started to dress and behave like a man, by changing her attire to agbada, fila, cap and so on.

To prove this, during the seventh days, Orompoto showed that her upper chamber body is flats, there was no briast seen. However Oyomesi was not convinced by that’s, the proclaimed that it’s not possible for a woman to have a flat upper chest.

However, for Orompoto to sway them, she’s went as far to reveal her private parts, Oyomesi saw a manhood, and scrotum was seen dangling in between her legs. Now everyone was convinced and went to chant Kaabiyesi oo. She’s was ascended and crowned the Alaafin of Oyo. Oyo nation stated that it’s the first transgender in the history. Oba Orompoto goes ahead to make history across Oyo land.

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