Odua Nation – Oduduwa Oranmiyan Staff – Yoruba Cultural Staff

Odua Nation – Oduduwa Oranmiyan Staff – Yoruba Cultural Staff –The best gift of life is knowing where you came from and what the benefits of knowing your history, tradition and why you should keep believing. Africans has grown so big that people wonder why and how they should be benefitting from this particular region. The people of Nigeria lives in diversity and this has been growing up the economy to this far. Odua nation precisely is one of the nation in Nigeria that’s has grown this far and this has been making people wonder why they are so blessed to this extents.

The Yoruba has had many history in past decades around 500 BC and this has made them one of the most courageous people who has been making wave across the people of Nigeria. The Odua nation has had many history and traditions in the past and presents. One of this traditions and history has been passed from generations to generations. The Odua nation has been revolving around traditions and this are one of the traditions we would be talking about which is the Oranmiyan Staff.

In this article we are going to be sharing you something you would wish to know about Oranmiyan Staff and the people of Odua nation at large. The Mythical Oranmiyan Staff is one of the staff which has been passed from generations to generations, it’s one of the staff which the Yoruba believe in as one of the great God’s in the land.

Brief About Odua nation Oranmiyan Staff

The Odua nation Oranmiyan Staff is one for the people. It’s something you would wish to see and know about. The staff is one of the ancient history and traditions of the Yoruba land. The staff has been moving from decades to decades.

Some of the area or region you can get to know more about traditions of the Odua nation is the Ile-lfe which is known as the Ife-Lodun or probably the kingdom of Ife, is the ancient Yoruba land in the heart of Osun state of the southwest of region of nigeria. The place is known as the largest and one of the oldest town of the Odua nation according to the history which dated back from 500BC.

History About Odua nation Oranmiyan Staff

The information about the history of the Odua nation Oranmiyan Staff. It’s understood that the Odua nation Oranmiyan started back then around 500 BC. The Oranmiyan omoluabi odede is a greatest Prince of Ife, the king of the Odua land, his known as the Ife-Lodun. This could be called the kingdom of Ife. The Oranyan the younger child who successful took over the heir of the Odua land. Meanwhile after his successful return to take over his grandfather throne.

The Oranmiyan is one of the greatest Gian and also a courageous worrier of the Odua land. After taking over the throne. He pushed on to conquer some other neighboring tribes. This worrier has been on always to protect the people of Ife-Ife whenever there is war at stake. Now the journey begins after he had left the Ile-lfe town or it’s people. He made a statement that he would be available anytime the wish to see him.

Now the time comes as the people’s of Ile-lfe is been ravaged by the war at the ground. The people of Ife nation did absolutely what they were told and the Oranmiyan ran with a strong spirit across Ife, destroying and as well it damaged every single blockage or obstacles along his part.

During his visit to the Ife nation to protect and rescue there people, he vast so much power that’s leads him to destroy every bit of object on his path. During time, he killed all the warriors, then he realized that’s he had killed his long time best friend. Oranmiyan was cut with tears and fury and then he bent his anger and plunged his staff on the ground and ran to the forest with horse and never did he returned back or seen. History says that after plunging the staff on the ground, the staff changed and turn to stone and become a monolith. It’s said that’s during this moment, the Oranmiyan Staff becomes a diety to good people of odua nation of Ile-lfe and the great people of oduduwa land.

Location of Oranmiyan Staff of Odua nation

It’s was noted that the staff is known as “Opa Oranyan” it’s said to be a giant erected within the Ondo-Ife Road, Mopa, Arubidi, Ife, Osun state. The staff is representing the cradle of the Odua land. The giant , slim carved granite column is about six metres tall (which in the range of 5.6 metres). The staff is made of Oranmiyan as the walking stick, that’s represent the symbol of crown and royalty of his reigning towards Ife nation.

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