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Nigerians ,have you just heard that Presidential Youth Empowerment Programme (P-yes) recruitment 2019 form portal is now open? Would you love to benefits from P-Yes recruitment 2019 exercises that is currently available and ongoing? if yes, that you are searching for 2019 current Federal Government Empowerments Scheme Just like other Federal Government jobs like Sure-P ,Npower ,Etc then P-YES is the Ultimate answer.

It’s is our duty to bring to your notice that presidential Youth Empowerment Programs (P-YES) recruitment 2019 Jobs vacancies applications registration form portal is out now. Here now is a guidelines on how to apply for Federal Government Empowerment Scheme Jobs vacancies and things you have to possess.

Why is P-YES Programme Created?

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Programme (P-YES) recruitment scheme programme aims to create at least First 774,000 Empowerments through direct youth empowerment over a minimum period of two years. The P-YES scheme covers the “Youth” defined in the Nigerian National Youth Policy (2009) as male and female individuals whose ages are between 18 and 40 years old.

Before we go, let walk you through how to apply for presidential Youth Empowerments programme (P-YES) recruitment that is currently ongoing now. However Presidential Youth Empowerment programme (P-YES) recruitment is all about and what awaits beneficiaries of P-YES Programme.

The Presidential Youth Empowerment programme (P-YES) is BOI’s effort at addressing the worrisome phenomenon of Youth Unemployment in Nigeria by building the capacity of the youth and funding their business ideas.

The Presidential Youth Empowerment programme (P-YES) recruitment jobs is aimed at equipping young people with the requisite skills and knowledge to be self-employed by starting and managing their own business.

P-YES Empowerment Recruitment Jobs Categories Includes:

  • Agriculture
  • ICT & Mobile Money
  • Fashion
  • Catering
  • Technical Acquisition

By Joining the P-YES Programme you will be part of the First 100,000 candidates for presidential Empowerment programme Scheme, applying for P-YES programme is simply. Its just by visiting and logon to our portal registration here.

The Presidential Youth Empowerment programme (P-YES) recruitment objectives scheme is designed to equip the Youth requisite skills Knowledge and resources that will make them productive, hereby reducing poverty and creating and economically empowered youth population that can contribute meaningfully to national growth of the Nations.

P-YES Recruitment Components of the YES Programme?

The Presidential Youth Empowerment programme is comprised of the following components,

Eight (8) weeks extensive online Entrepreneurship and Business Management training which has the ability to test participants understanding and track their progress.

Five (5) days in-class Entrepreneurship and Business management Training covering the following five (5) Modules:

  • The Business idea (value Proposition and Competition Analysis)
  • Business Model (How will the business make money)
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Running a successful Business (Ethics, Compliance, operations, etc)
  • Financial Plan
  • Technical Skills
  • Training Partnership with various technical training and vocational institutes in the country.
  • Financing of the BOI under its SME cluster initiatives in consonance with the united Nations Economic Commission for Africans commodity-based industrialisation strategy.

Presidential Youth Empowerment programme (P-YES) Recruitment Requirements?

  • Candidates must be a Nigerian male or female between the ages of 18 to 40 years.
  • Candidates must have a means of identifications (National Identity Card, International Passport, Permanent Voters Card- PVC)
  • Qualified and interested candidates must provide a second Level Beneficiary (SLB) to qualify for benefitting from the scheme.
  • Ability to communicate in Basic English Language and or any Local Nigerian Language.
  • Provable Upright Character and a stable mind.
  • Candidates must provide a guarantors preferably a community or religious leader.
  • Ability to secure the endorsement of a local Government official.
  • Beneficiary should possess the capacity to transfer knowledge and mentor pairs within their communities.
  • Candidates must complete a guarantor’s form.

How Much Will P-YES Pay it Candidates?

If you are a Nigerian by birth, then you should have understood by now that Nigerians don’t do anything not relating to money. Everyone is applying for P-YES programme wish to know how much the federal government will be paying every month. So its from the payments that you will decide how to plan for your savings from P-YES programme. However because of this, we have specially given full information concerning the financial benefits you will get from P-YES programme Nigeria.

When you are done seeing how much you will earn by Joining P-YES programme, then you will decides if you want to join and be part of this wonderful programme created to elevate the Youths.

How Will P-YES Determine You Have Upright Characters and stable mind?

To know how P-YES will be able to determine if you have a stable mind or not, then let make things open to you now. First You need to understand that this Presidential Youth Empowerment scheme is meant for sound mind. Pyes programme is created to help Nigerians to get creative , so if you wondering how your Upright characters will be checked , then worry no more, Because by following below components, your character will be analyzed.

Kindly note that there is a lot of well trained psychologist who will be working in hand with P-YES as officials to ensure a good and sound minded Nigerians are empowered Perfectly. So if you want to apply and register for P-YES programme, then you have to coordinate your character and be brave.

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How To Apply For presidential Youth Empowerment programme (P-YES)

Candidates are advised to apply online for presidential Youth Empowerment programme (P-YES) recruitment is easy. Just start by giving us your phone number and follow the guidelines provided.

To apply click here to apply online or visit

To apply in person in the event , you can not or you choose not to apply online, you can collect a registration form from any of our offices here

Note: P-YES programme is designed as incubation programme whereby youth will be directly empowered with seed Empowerment Tools (SET) with the aim of creating multiple layers of empowerment.

Kindly note that Presidential Youth Empowerment programme scheme is free of charge. please run away from someone who request money from you okay or reports to the appropriate authorities.

Do you want us to inform and updates you with right information concerning P-YES programme, please comments below now okay.

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