Login UPMC – Log In to MyUPMC Account –myupmc.upmc.com

Login UPMC – Log In to MyUPMC Account –myupmc.upmc.com -This is an online free patient health website that offers the UPMC consumers a new and comprehensive access to connect their health care with a single login platform system. This website was developed enhance better online experience for UPMC patients.

Benefits and Features of MyUPMC

Once you create an account in MyUPMC and sign-in in it,  Users can navigate and do alot of activities in a simple way. Below are the benefits and features of MyUPMC account

  • Check, view and confirm the informations of your upcoming appointments
  • Request , schedule or cancel your appointments for UPMC doctors visit
    Check medical records , history and test results
  • Prescriptions renewal
  • Get hold and track chronic conditions
  • Use proxy access to manage your family health
  • Print UPMC hospitals discharge guidelines
  • Update your personal details
  • Pay bill online
  • UPMC anywherecare for round the clock online medical visit
  • Access UPMC health plan and so on.

Kindly note that MyUPMC website is free of charge to use. And some certain features are not accessible to all patients. So to access the features you need to pay required fees.

Requirements to register for MyUPMC Online Account

For you to access MyUPMC online patients health website and manage your health details anywhere , you must be eligible to register and create an online account. To be eligible then you must have the qualities below.

Login upmc

  • You need to be parent or legal guardian of a minor patient
  • Be 18 years of age or older
    You have devices that have access to internet
  • A legal guardian will need to provide a court order to obtain proxy access to a minor patient.
  • An eligible UPMC consumer, who is promoted by their doctors or maybe want to use the MyUPMC online website on their own will need to go to  myupmc.upmc.com .

How to Register in MyUPMC

In other to register please follow the guidelines below to begin your account registrations. So calm down and proceed with the below guide.

  • Go to the homepage, you will find a blue “Create Account” Link button via the top right corner on the screen.
  • Now click on it and you will be redirected to the MyUPMC terms and conditions page.
  • Calmly review the entire informations of the disclaimers, privacy policy, warranty, account usage, limitation throughly.
    Then click on the “Accept and continue” button link.
  • Now proceed to enter the following details to begin the registrations.
  1. Your First Nam
  2. Your Middle Name (optional)
  3. Your Last Name
  4. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  5. Sex (Male/Female)
  6. Last 4-digits of social security number
  7. Mobile Phone Number (Optional)
  8. Home phone Number (Optional)
  9. Email address
  10. Access code “if any, but not required”.
  11. Now click the “Complete Form to continue” button when you have finished everything.
  12. Meanwhile you can also click the “Back” Button and check the details you provided on the previous page again.
  13. Proceed and create your username and password to set up your MyUPMC account.

Guide to Log-on MyUPMC Account

Whenever you register and create your MyUPMC account you can sign in and access your health details using any devices with internet connections Within 24-hours a day, 7days a week. So to login follow the prompts below.Login UPMC – Log In to MyUPMC Account –myupmc.upmc.com

  • Visit myupmc.upmc.com
  • Once on the homepage click on the “Login” button link found on the top right side of the page.
  • Enter your login information such as username and password in the box provided
  • Click the “Login” link button to enter your MyUPMC account

Please note that once you logged in and you stay inactive for 15 minutes without making use of your account, you will be logged out. This is to prove that the portal is safe and secure without third parties accessing your account. Please always try to logout with any of the devices you used in logging in if you aren’t making use of it again.

Login Help

In anyway you can’t remember MyUPMC account users login such as password and username. You can retrieve your details by using the “Forgot username?” Or “Forgot password?” And follow the prompts to complete a short form.

In other to find Username you will have to provide the following informations and this will forwarded with the email address associated with your account.

  • Username Resetting

Your First Name
Your Middle (optional)
Your Last Name
Date of Birth
Last 4-digits of SSSN

  • Password Resetting

MyUPMC account username
Date of Birth
Last 4-digits of SSN

Incase you can’t access your MyUPMC account, just use this option by calling for help through the customer care center via 1-866-884-8579

MyUPMC Mobile App

With the MyUPMC Applications , you can easily connect and talk to UPMC doctors, access family medical records and manage their appointments all throughout their mobile devices. Also Apple users can download the MyUPMC Application on the App Store and also it still available on Google Playstore for android devices. You can still find downloading links on MyUPMC onlind patients health website.

MyUPMC Contact Details

Kindly note that all inquiries associated to MyUPMC online portal are answered in the FAQs sections. If you are the MyUPMC online portal just located the “Frequently Asked Questions” link beneath the portal.

For more questions or help, you can call MyUPMC help center via 1-866-884-8579
Or billing customer services number:1-844-591-5949
Email address: help@myupmc.com

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